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We understand that artists need a strong and supportive platform to showcase their work to a global audience. As an artist-focused website, we offer a space for artists of all backgrounds and styles to showcase their work to art enthusiasts and potential buyers. Our team is committed to promoting emerging artists alongside established names, ensuring that creativity knows no boundaries.

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We actively promote artists and their works through various promotional initiatives. Our website features regular artist spotlights, interviews, and curated exhibitions to highlight the best talents and explore exciting trends in the art world.

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We are passionate about supporting emerging artists on their journey to recognition and success. Emerging artists are the heartbeat of the art world. They bring fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and unique visions that challenge conventions and inspire us.

We actively seek out talented artists who are at the early stages of their careers and provide them with a platform to showcase their work. Our aim is to nurture their potential and help them refine their artistic expressions.


Art Collectors

For art collectors seeking to expand their collections, masterpiece galleria is a treasure trove of exceptional artworks waiting to be discovered. Our art consultants are on hand to provide personalized assistance, helping you find pieces that resonate with your tastes and preferences. We also offer valuable insights into emerging artists, giving collectors the opportunity to invest in promising talent.


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Are you passionate about art and looking for new sources of inspiration? You can explore various artistic styles, mediums, and themes, and connect with the artists behind the masterpieces.


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By supporting emerging artists, you contribute not only to the growth of their artistic careers but also to the vibrancy of the art community as a whole. Your patronage can make a difference and inspire the next generation of artists.

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Competitions /Art related Activities

Competitions bring prestige and esteem to the Artist and help boost their profile. Competitions polishes your work and opens up new horizons of learning. If you don’t win a competition, never feel sad, your passions should never die.


Purple Serene Landscape-Closed

Last Date for Submission: 15 August

Result: 25 August 2023
Check results on Instagram– masterpiecegalleria

WaterColor Competition, Title "Raining" -Closed

Last Date: 15 September
Results Displayed on Insta– masterpiecegalleria

Calligraphy Competition (Last Date: 30 Oct)

Start :15 September
last Date: 30 October
No Age Limit
Winning Prize: 10000 Rs (Only one winner) + Free Promotion + Meet the Artist Blog Invite

Winter Landscape

Start : 15 November
last Date: 10 Feb
No Age Limit

Submission Details

Submit your work on email–
Email Subject: Title of Competition e.g Calligraphy Competition
Your Name full, Age, City, Country
Material used:e.g, Acrylic on canvas, Mention if you used any marker or pencil–whatever you use, mention it
Size in Inches
Your Insta Profile Username:
Image: quality image- use a good camera File type: jpg
Resolution : More than 10 MP
File size: In mb not kb
One close up pic , one distance pic
For distance pic, hang your painting to the wall
Send your reference pic – Any pics u are using as reference ◇If you’re totally making it from imagination, then mention it on email
Rename Your jpg files e.g, reference.jpg, closepic.jpg, distance.jpg
Don’t use any photoshop effects – we have strong softwares to identify any extra effects
Only top 3 may submit work in hard (address will be shared with top 3) Your work will be given back after winner is selected