Essential tips to explore your full potential as an Artist by Fatima Shaikh/2023

Meet The Artist

About the Author- Fatima Shaikh

My name is Fatima Feroz Shaikh. I work as a biotechnologist, but my true passion lies in the world of art. To me, creating art is a form of therapy that allows me to escape from reality and enter a world of imagination and creativity.

My Art Journey

I’ve been fascinated by art since childhood, and colors have always had a soothing effect on me. One of my favorite hobbies is collecting raw materials, waste items, and other discarded materials to repurpose them and create something new. It’s funny, but my cupboards are full of art supplies and raw materials instead of clothes!

  • In 2009 I took part in fomic sheet art exhibition at the Rangoon Wala community centre. 
  • In 2012 I received student of the month award for my art and subject skills. 
  • In 2013 I participated in art competition organized by Afaq and Sons.

Now let me share some tricks, tips and techniques with you that I have learned in my creative journey that will help you explore your inner artist. These are the Essential tips to explore your full potential as an Artist.

Waste materials

Try to collect leftovers, waste materials, and broken pieces and utilize them to make something new out of it. It will open your creative mindset and give you options to replace or change. 

Colours give life

Choose bright and eye-catching colours to give your artwork a vibrancy look. You can also go with combinations, like a combination of light and dark colours, bright and dull colours, and rusty and fresh colours. 

Detailing is a key to professionalism:

Most of the time, detailing is intricate, so you may lose your confidence and motivation. Pay attention to detail, even minor ones. It will give your artwork a professional look. 

Neat and clean

Even if the process is messier, the final look should be neat and organized. Neatness defines artwork, and It attracts the viewer.

Reference pic:

If you take any reference pic for an idea, then take a good quality picture with bright and pleasing colours. From that, it will become easy for you to choose colours, add detailing and imagine how the final result will turn out. 


In sketching, shading is the game changer. Focus on how the shades are given and how to add them to your sketch using different pencils, charcoal and graphite. 

Mix and match

Using mix-and-match stuff, materials, and embellishments sometimes brings out new classy artwork. 


Art is all about experimenting. Sometimes experiments are successful, and sometimes not. Keep changing colours, adding or cutting materials, and changing backgrounds and styles. With experimenting, you will know which thing will look good and enhance your creativity.

Be patient

Art takes time. Sometimes, the artwork turned out differently than we had expected or imagined. So be relaxed, be patient and trust the process. 


Give acceptance to other Artists’ techniques and tips. From that, you will learn more and more and day by day. 

Be budget-friendly:

Art doesn’t always mean buying costly stuff. Don’t panic if you can’t afford something. Think about alternatives and give them a try. They may work out for you and provide a better look than expected. 

New from old:

It is always easy to start from scratch and new, but it is difficult and tricky to transform old art pieces into unique masterpieces. Try transforming old things into new ones. It will open many creative doors for you. You will learn tricky things and aspects. 

Find art in nature

Nature is itself a masterpiece and full of art. Try to find the art in nature, from colours to creations and creatures. It will boost your positive mindset towards art.

You may develop as an artist if you commit to ongoing growth and the eagerness to experiment and learn. Continue to experiment, explore, and push yourself in your artistic endeavours. Every work you produce is a step toward improving your abilities and expressing your viewpoint.

If you want to enhance your skills and learn something new, let me help you😊. Follow me on my social media handles. You can learn from there by watching my YouTube video tutorials and reels.