Sunflower field on Leaf

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Sunflower field on Leaf

This drawing is 100% handmade, Acrylic on Leaf
Painting Framed. COPYRIGHT; Maintained with the Artist

This is an ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting. It is not a print or reproduction, and was hand painted/Drawn. The copyright always remains with the Artist.

My name is Ayesha Zaheer Qureshi. I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have been creating art since I was young and took art classes for over 3 years in high school. Currently I am trying to find my own style in art so I have worked with many mediums like acrylic paints, oil paint, pen, plaster of Paris, foam, usually made on canvas, pressed leaves, glass bottles, and other mixed media arts.

This collection of art is unique to my style, I love painting on pressed autumn leaves. These leaf paintings started in 2016 when I was just pressing leaves for my art journal and started to paint them. Since then I have learned how to preserve them and paint them using acrylic or oil paint. Autumn leaves are significant to the theme of my art that all this beauty does not truly last, such as landscape painted on them.



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