Squeeze the cost of living

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Squeeze the cost of living

This drawing is 100% handmade, Watercolor on scholar sheet.
Size A3. Painting Unframed. COPYRIGHT; Maintained with the Artist

This is an ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting. It is not a print or reproduction, and was hand painted/Drawn. The copyright of the image always remains with the Artist.

I’m Ayesha Badar from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I mainly work acrylics and watercolor and also use oil paints on some artworks. I am a creative and skilled artist ,  passionate about creating landscapes and nature art & explore different techniques in my paintings, making calligraphies & texture paintings also. I love to make all those type of art which spreads the positivity and give relaxation to mind, taking risks for blending mediums & ideas. I’m particularly talented in making still life & portraits in their realistic form. I taught it by myself & seeking to explore & experiment with diverse art mediums.


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